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Child Care Questions

how to store breastmilk ?
can it be left at room temperature
Is it normal for a 3-month old has already 2 lower teeth?
Is it normal for a 3-month old has already 2 lower teeth?
hydrocephalus or big head?
At my daughters 4 month checkup, the dr measured her head and is now concerned about hydrocephalus ( her head is 17 1/4"), we scheduled another appt for next month to recheck her head, should i be fre
Eczema and Cradle cap
My daugther is 2 months old and has a bad case of one or both of these. I have been prescribed nystatin and hydrocerin. The Dr says that cradle cap spreads from head to toe. My daugther neck is raw, h
can i give my baby karo syrup at one week old?
she hasnt had a ball movement since yesterday night at 8:00 and now its 8:54 at night. i made her a doctors apointment already but its for monday and im afraid the doc. siad her blood test came back f

Why low-salt diets are dang
SEO article
The Complete Baby Checklist
test title article
Vaccination chart for child
Babies should be breastfed

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