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Child Care Questions

Dear Friends, this are the questions was asked for me yesterday.
Type of contracts in WCF? Can you explain duplex contracts in WCF? How to implementation security in wcf? what is HTTP handler? What is the difference between HTTP moulder and HTTP handler? Dear
Mil thinks its gross to breastfeed
i was having dinner with my in-laws when the subject came up about a friend who breastfeeds her two year old, i see nothing wrong with it, in fact she nurses her two year old infront of me all the tim
Afraid I will hit my child, Please help!
I need advice. I've never hit a child, I've been around all sorts of kids from super calm to agonizingly bratty but babysitting and taking kids out on a day long outing is different from having a chil
My 9 wk old baby is in so much pain when he cries and i think it's acid reflux. please help!!
My baby cries a lot and i know it's not colic b/c he doesn't have the symptoms. But, I he gags a lot and sometimes it sounds like he's trying to throw up and he can't. His cries are so painful and no
My 3-week old wants to eat 5-6 ounces of expressed milk at a time. Should I give it to him?
My son is only 3 weeks old, and after eating 5 ounces he still wants more. We generally limit his feedings to 4 ounces. At that amount he cries after he finishes unless we distract him by carrying him

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