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Child Care Questions

Full size swing or travel swing or both?
I just got a travel swing for my baby shower but I still kind of want to get the full size swing that I wanted but didn't get. I was wondering if it is even worth it if I get the full size swing.
should the baby burp after each feed?
should the baby burp after each feed?
Newborn spitting up soy formula through nose and choking, is this normal?
my daughter is almost 1 week old, we were told she is "spitting up" because we have overfed, even though we only feed her when she is hungry, so we changed her eating habits. She still threw up, not s
Help my son won't feed himself
My son is 10 months old and should be self-feeding with finger foods. He will not put the food up to his mouth. I put the food on his highchair tray and he plays with it. Is it my fault that I always
What should my 8 month old babies feeding(solids and breastmilk) schedule and amount be?
I usually breastfeed about times a day and give her solids during lunch time(a jar) and I started giving her some in the afternoon too(a fruit or veggies). How much should she be eating at 8 months? M

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Vaccination chart for child
Pulse polio campaign on Jan
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