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Child Care Questions

My son's penis (circumcised)has gone from being out to being inverted. Is it normal?
My son is circumcised and is now 3 months. As of 3 weeks ago his penis is completely covered and I have to pull his foreskin back to even see his penis. Was his circumcision done wrong? His penis went
Nipple piercing and breast feeding
I have both my nipples pierced will that cause a problem breast feeding?
What can I do to releive my 3 month old's stuffy nose and cough?
My son has had a stuffy nose and it sounds like it is hard for him to breathe. This scares me. He also has had a mild cough. The doctor didn't give me any medicine and told me he would be fine. I know
what should i do about my 2 month old on cereal b- cuz of reflux
My son gains weight very well, but i have a problem with him spitting-up and gas (i can here it in his stomach) the doc told me to put a table spoon of rice cereal every 2 oz and he is on ranitidine a
How often are "breath holding spells" mis diagnosed?
My daughter is 18 months old and has had three breath holding spells (this is based on what our doctor said). I am really scared and this answer doesn't quite cut it for me. I have never been more ter

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