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Child Care Questions

How do you know when the baby is hiccuping?
I am 27 weeks pregnant and I have been feeling my baby move pretty much constantly for the last month. Lots of the time he moves so much in there it feels like he's having a party. Many people talk ab
bump on back of head
My 6 month old has developed a bump on the back of his head, jsut above the nape of this neck. Is this a normal growing bump?
until what age is it ok to get my son circumcise he is 10-months?
i never got the chance to circumcise my baby but i pulled his down a little bit to clean it but i cant do it at all my mom told me that its suppose to. should i be concerned that it might get infected
15 weeks pregnant and big belly bump!!!!!!
I am 15 weeks 1 day pregnant with my second child and seem to be showing very quick. I have lost 7 pounds since my 10 weeks midwife appt due to morning sickness and my body still looks thin. However i
lacking breastfeeding support
i'm 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and in a few weeks i will be moving in with the my in-laws, they are very nice people and they are doing us a huge favor (and my mil wants us to move in with them ba

Why eating only lean protei
Ten tips to make the kid en
Why you can’t get vitamin A
Vaccination chart for child
The Complete Baby Checklist
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