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Child Care Questions

I can't get much exercise (such as walking) because of where I live. What are other exercises I can do that you have tried?
How long does teething generally last before a tooth comes in?
My 6 month old son has had all the signs associated with teething for about three weeks and still no tooth.
Drinking milk from a sippy cup
My daughter is year and a half and will not drink milk from a sippy cup. My Husband and I have tried everything under the sun. The only way she will drink it is if it is in a bottle warmed up, we will
My 7th Month old has no teeth yet, when should I give him finger foods?
I have a 7 month old and he has no teeth yet. I know he is ready for finger food because he has all the signs of wanting to try finger food. But he has no teeth and I scared he will choke. Does anyone
2month 3ks wants to be standing up, can't make him crawl....
my 4month baby, likes being standing up, he laughs everytime we hold him on a flat surface as if he is ready to walk, but whenever I put him to begin crawling, he gets this ok??

The Complete Baby Checklist
Ten tips to make the kid en
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Why you can’t get vitamin A
Pulse polio campaign on Jan
Why low-salt diets are dang

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