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Ten tips to make the kid engaged
By :usha

10 tips to make the kid engaged:
1. Lots of interesting online 3D rhymes available in internet, you can play it. so that they can learn new things before go to preschool.

2. Allow them to play with neighbor kid for some time, so that they will start sharing things with others.

3. Give them different color (water color/crayons/sketch or color pencil) and ask them to draw on a white paper. Kids always  Love different colors and you believe me for sure they will be occupied for some time and parallel they will get Interest on drawings.

4. Ask them to draw circles by using small bangles in a paper

5. You can give grains and ask them to arrange it as circle/square/triangle shape, so that they will learn shapes too

6. All kids are willing to help mom in vegetable cutting and pealing vegetables, so you can give some garlics/small onion While you do kitchen work.

7. You can try by giving chock peas and ask them to draw on black board/cup board.

8. Lots of kids Books is available in market and you can try that out too.

9. Many active kids will not play with toys, so you can ask them to arrange toys as a straight line. They will enjoy while doing this :-).

10. You can give tissue paper and ask them to clean cot/fridge/laptop/TV to make them engaged.
This will help most of the working women's while cooking or in case of any discussion  with friends or relatives.

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